NAXS is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm. NAXS primarily invests in private equity funds with a Nordic focus, but may also make direct investments or co-investments alongside private equity or other alternative assets funds. In addition, NAXS may, to a limited extent, make other types of investments. Read more

NAXS’s initial commitments

Apax Europe VIIEUR 15m
Celero Capital Fund (E)EUR 1.5m
Equip Capital Fund INOK 20m
JAB Consumer Fund GCB IIUSD 5m
JAB Consumer Fund GCB IIIEUR 5m
JAB Consumer Partners – JCP VEUR 5m
Mimir InvestSEK 50m
Mimir IndustriesSEK 75m
Nordic Capital CV1EUR 14.65m
Nordic Capital XEUR 5m
Nordic Capital Evo Fund IEUR 1m
Valedo Partners Fund IISEK 65m

In addition, NAXS has commitments to 3 private equity funds that are either in dissolution process or have exited all their portfolio companies (FSN Capital III, Herkules Private Equity III and Nordic Capital VII).

Summary Financial Information

EquitySEK 922m
Equity/shareSEK 83.24
PE fund investments66% of equity
Other investments8% of equity
Net cash25% of equity

NAV Graph