NAXS has made a commitment to Nordic Capitals first mid-market evolution fund, Nordic Capital Evolution Fund I

Nordic Capital raises over EUR 1.2 billion for its first mid-market Evolution Fund in a record three month

  • Nordic Capital applies its winning sector model and powerful platform to a broader spectrum of mid-market companies across Northern Europe with its first Evolution Fund
  • Continued focus on successful partnerships with growth companies in Nordic Capital’s focus sectors to accelerate sustainable growth and expansion

Nordic Capital today announced the successful first and final close of its first Evolution Fund at just over EUR 1.2 billion (including GP commitment of 6.8%). Launched in April 2021 and raised in only three months, the Fund was substantially oversubscribed at its hard cap and significantly exceeded its target.

With the Evolution Fund, Nordic Capital will build on its long and successful investment experience in the mid-market, applying its value creation model to a broader size range of mid-market companies in its selected sectors and geographies, leveraging its own expertise and extensive expert networks.

Focusing on control buyouts, the new Fund will target equity investments across Northern Europe of between EUR 35 million and EUR 150 million in mid-market companies with an EV of EUR 50 million to EUR 300 million. It will closely replicate Nordic Capital’s established and successful strategy focusing on non-cyclical growth opportunities within the Healthcare, Technology & Payments and Financial Services sectors.