NAXS AB has repurchased 3.76% of its own shares

AB (“NAXS”) has on July 16, 2018, repurchased a block of 510,000 of its
own shares on Nasdaq Stockholm
at a price of SEK 49.70/share for a total amount of SEK 25,347,000. The
transaction represents 3.76% of the total number of shares.

The transaction falls within the scope of the share repurchase authorization granted by the 2018 Annual General
Meeting, and the decision of the board of directors of June 5, 2018, in relation thereto.

After the repurchase of own shares above, NAXS holds a total of 1,353,940
of its own shares, representing 10% of the total number of shares. Total number of shares in NAXS amounts to 13 574 770 shares.