NAXS Notice of AGM 2021

The shareholders of NAXS AB (publ), reg. no. 556712-2972, with its registered office in Stockholm (the “Company” or “NAXS”), are hereby invited to the annual general meeting (the “Meeting”) on Thursday 11 March 2021.

Due to the extraordinary situation resulting from the covid-19 pandemic, NAXS’ annual general meeting will be carried out through advance voting (postal voting) pursuant to temporary legislation. No meeting with the possibility to attend in person or to be represented by a proxy will take place. Hence, the Meeting will be held without physical presence.

NAXS welcomes all shareholders to exercise their voting rights at the Meeting through advance voting as described below. Information on the resolutions passed at the Meeting will be published on 11 March 2021 as soon as the result of the advance voting has been finally confirmed.

The shareholders may request in the advance voting form that a resolution on one or several of the matters on the proposed agenda below should be deferred to a so-called continued general meeting, which cannot be conducted solely by way of advance voting. Such general meeting shall take place if the Meeting so resolves or if shareholders with at least one tenth of all shares in the Company so requests.

See the full notice.