Intera II avyttrar Renta Group till IK Partners

Intera Partners (“Intera”) is pleased to announce that Intera Fund II Ky and Intera Fund III Ky have signed an agreement to sell Renta Group Oy (“Renta Group”, “Renta” or “the Company”) to IK Partners (“IK”). Management and employees will be reinvesting alongside IK. Financial terms of the transaction are not disclosed. 

Renta Group is a full-service machine and equipment rental services company with more than 100 depots across Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland. The equipment offered meets a broad range of customer needs across construction, infrastructure and industrial markets. The Company also offers modern site facilities, scaffolding and weather protection services in addition to other site services such as temporary plumbing and heating, ventilation and air conditioning installation and planning. 

Renta plays an important role in the enhancement of sustainability within the construction and infrastructure markets by enabling more efficient and sustainable use of equipment and machinery. Furthermore, Renta prides itself on being a trusted and reliable partner, serving a broad customer base with high-quality machinery and equipment in a timely manner. The Company is leading the industry with its agile approach and significant investment in innovation and digital tools to improve customer experience as well as internal fleet management. 

Renta was established in 2015 following the combination of three well-known Finnish companies. Since then, it has grown significantly through the organic growth of its depots, a series of greenfield openings and strategic add-on acquisitions. Today, Renta employs over 1,000 people across Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland. 

The next phase of the Company’s journey will see IK empowering management to further solidify its position as a champion in the Baltic Sea region and begin to enter continental Europe through further greenfield openings and add-ons while rolling out new digital solutions across all locations. The Group will continue to be led by CEO, Kari Aulasmaa and his team.